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Established in 2003 Rowdy Sprout brings nostalgia to parents abound by offering classic rocker tees to the little ones of our world. These hip and funky styles are offered to children anywhere from recently sprouted (3 months) to wordy back talkers (12 years)! Every shirt created has the utmost approval of quality and practicality while being manufactured and silk-screened by local Los Angeles companies. Each garment is intricately woven with the finest softest blends available and is made in the USA without the use of sweatshops. It is a given that these shirts can be rocked out many a times between each little stage diver and pre-Jagger.

We adore this brand and it's owner and wanted to give you a little insight into the Rowdy Sprout culture and style. We were fortunate enough to grab a tiny bit of time from owner/designer Laura Angotti and we asked her a few questions to help us understand this amazing brand a little bit better, so here you go. . .



1. Where do you call home? 

Malibu, CA / up against the mountains but only 15 min from my warehouse. 


2. How did you get into children’s fashion?

Accidentally. I was living in Brooklyn, NY working in art museums. Did costume design and always made myself funky clothes. One of the women I worked with was opening a store in Williamsburg which back then was unheard of. She asked me to make some funky stuff. I was not into the classic pink and blue baby stuff so decided to make some “rock n roll” tees for kids. This is before trunk, before junk food, just seemed like a funny idea. So I bought some tees, ripped them up, sewed, cut, made em funky. Then did iron on transfers of bands! To my surprise, 2 weeks later she called and said “ I think you might be onto something…” That was the start of Rowdy Sprout 


3. How would you describe your personal fashion style? 

Hippy, skater, lazy, comfy, and truly depends on what day you spot me! haha. I’m not a “fashion” girl. Don’t care about brand names. I shop at the local surf shop mostly. 


4. What’s the one habit you have that changed your life for the better? 

Hmmmm. Is it ok to say I’m still trying to find one of those good habits??!! 


5. When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer? 

I wanted to be a costume designer, this just sort of happened.


6. If Rowdy Sprout could have a celebrity spokes model who would it be? 

Haha, oh man. I work with celebrities in costume design so I’m not as wowed about them as I maybe used to be. But how about something ridiculous like Sean Penn. Hung out with him at a party once… he just oozes cool. Amazing!


7. If you could talk to your ten year-old self, what would you like her to know? 

Don’t worry about your buck teeth, your frizzy hair, and what you will be when you grow up… it will all work itself out. Just keep moving forward, keep learning, and keep having fun. All the self doubt is just self sabotage. You’ll be fine I promise! 


 8. How long have you been designing for Rowdy Sprout? 

Since 1999.


9. Tell us a bit about the brand. What makes it unique? 

Honestly I feel like what started as a unique idea was then either copied or just part of what became cool and other companies such as trunk and junk food with bigger wallets started making kids rocker tees. Hell, you can buy them at target now (not nearly as nice or cool.) For years I thought Rowdy would only last so long and I’d be swept under by the big dogs. But guess who the last man standing is? Me…crazy. Trunk doesn’t do kids, junk food does very little rock stuff. So I guess me being an underdog, taking the time to design each tee myself, making all the license deals myself, and just keeping it small and down to earth has made us very unique.


10. Is it difficult to get a license for a rock band? Do you ever get to meet them? 

Never get to work with the artists sadly. License companies are hired to handle the merch. Yes its very difficult. The more clout I have the easier it gets but I was basically begging the first 10 years. 


11. Can you tell us a bit about the spring/summer collection? 

Spring and summer girls is 100% a product of me having my own daughter. She changed everything. I really only used to worry about the boy, girl was just a side show. Now the girl styles are selling as much as the boys! SO fun, so colorful. Boys I tried to bring in some new simpler styles which I really love! 

12. What are the trends for spring/summer in children’s fashion? 

You are asking the wrong chick, haha. I seriously just do what I like and try not to look at the forecasts or worry about what everyone else is doing. Then your stuff just looks like everyone else which seems kinda silly.


13. What is your favourite piece from the current line? Any all time favorites? 

David Bowie short sleeve varsity tee, acdc muscle tee, and the girls Janis fringe top.


15. What are the best sellers? 

Those fringe tops just don’t stop selling, wild! And David Bowie has been selling so much since he passed :(


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We'd like to thank Laura Angotti and the Rowdy Sprout family for taking the time to sit down with us to give you all a little bit of insight. 







After months of phone calls and meetings, we are thrilled to be able to bring you a brand that we feel very passionate about. molo. 

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, molo is one of the worlds leaders in children's fashion. Molo’s journey sprang out of curiosity and a drive to radically change the existing children’s fashion world. Molo isn’t a big design factory that treats children’s clothing as a secondary line. For molo, kids come first, and their clothing reflects this passion. They believe that children’s clothing has to be designed on children’s terms so they can express their creativity and personality through their clothes. Molo believes in clothing designed for real life, not just special occasions. Children need clothing that allows them to move freely, express themselves openly and fearlessly explore a world of delightful possibilities - not clothing that restricts their movements.

We love this brand so much that we wanted to be able to give you a bit of insight into what molo is all about. So, we sat down with the brands International Sale Manager, Rhiannon Bradford, for a one on one about working with molo and children’s fashion.



Rhiannon Bradford | molo International Sale Manager


1.      Where do you call home?

I’m currently between New York and London, but I’m spending most of my time in New York and is pretty much my home now.


2.      How did you get into children's fashion?

I did a fashion business/management degree at University and in my second year, I got some work experience through a friend at a childrenswear showroom. I never anticipated going in to kids when I set out in fashion, but I absolutely love it!


3.      How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I live in skinny jeans, nike trainers and a basic/easy top. I like to dress quite casual and comfy, but I like adding an additional pop with jewellery, for example I have a brooch on my wool coat right now, which I get a lot of compliments on.


4.      How long have you been with Molo?

6 & 1/2 years. 


5.      Tell us a bit about the brand. What makes it unique?

molo is unique in many ways. However first and foremost, it’s for all over prints, which are designed in house. No one else does prints like we do and I always get excited each season to see what the designers have created. 

6.      What retailers make a good fit for the Molo brand. How do you determine this?

It’s very difficult and every retailer is unique and different in their own way. But for me, it’s just ensuring the molo branding is preserved and the store has the right brand mix and price points, so we’re not sitting in a corner on our own. 

7.      Can you tell us a bit about the spring/summer collection?

In molo’s spring/summer collection we will be travelling through 1980's sci-fi, the nineties seapunk, Africa’s wild safari and sunny LA in one time. The collection takes you on a journey through raw reflectors, iconic light swords, flowered neoprene jackets, tracksuits, savanna prints, easy French and clean sportswear, fine cotton terry and light fabrics topped with a chilled LA vibe. As always molo is heavy on the charm designed with a glimpse in the eye and with lots of surprising details. 

8.      What are the trends for spring/summer in children's fashion?

I think that the trends are very much suited to kids needs as you're allowed to be bold and mix and match in surprising ways. Prints in every kind of look and with different techniques are out there. You can even dress in a complete outfit with print and this is very much in sync with molo and our DNA.  


9.      What makes Molo clothing so special?

molo uses incredible fabric and we are known for our high quality, which is still apparent after washing. So you really get your money’s worth and cost per wear if you will. I’m 100% stealing all my nephews clothes back if I have kids in the future!


10.  What do you think about the current trends in children's fashion? Any that you can't  stand?

Being English, I’m struggling to get my head around the ‘general American fashion’ for kids that is very ‘twee’, pink/blue, ruffles and such. However I love to see that European brands are becoming increasingly popular out here and anything that has a bit of humour or a unique design has my vote!

11.   What is your favourite piece from the current line? Any all time favourites?

That’s hard being such a huge collection, but I love the real leather ‘Halvor’ jacket, it’s insanely cool with incredible detail! Then there’s a very ‘sports luxe’ woven two piece in a black floral print, that I really wanted for myself if I could get in to it. 
The best thing about molo’s unique prints is that we do find that people have favourites from past collections that they really remember. For our 10th anniversary, we actually brought three prints back in to production, as voted by the consumer, all of which are before my time, which shows how much people hold on to our prints. 
One of my all time favourites was a daisy print we did back for SS10, which was also my first season.


12.  What are the best sellers?

For girls, without a doubt it’s our dresses and printed leggings. For boys, our ‘Ashton’ sweat pant sells like crazy every season and teamed with a printed (all over or digital placement), the look is completed. 

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*Cannot be combined with any other offer. The outfit consists of your choice of one bottom and one top, dress and/or accessory off the heartnsoulkids website, value at up to $150 including the taxes. The winner will be responsible for any/all shipping charges.
We'd like to thank Rhiannon for her time but more importanlty for giving us a glimps into her life with Molo. 
Up Close & Personal with our fav Celebrity Stylist


Celebrity Stylist to Fashionable Mom!


Behind every “IT” girl in Hollywood, is a talented stylist that makes “IT” happen! That’s Jeni. From picking out the hottest red carpet dresses for celebs like Paris Hilton and Carrie Underwood to being a contributor for Vogue, Glamour, The New York Times, and the lead stylist on FOX’s hit talk show “The Real”, Jeni is also a hip mom of a beautiful two year old boy named Tyler and expecting a little princess this coming May! Jeni is in the process of releasing a children’s fashion book, and we just had to ask her about it! With Jeni’s amazing sense of style and love for children, we knew we had to pin down this mama to get the inside scoop!


1. Tell us about this “Children’s Fashion Book.” What inspired you to write this? What can we expect from it?

Writing a childrens book was always something that was on my bucket list. When I was pregnant with my son in my last month I spent a ton of time on my back and I thought what a great time. I have a 5yr old step daughter Isobella who I just LOVE dressing and stocking her closet. She was absolutely my inspiration and countless mornings we spend playing with clothes and deciding what to wear. The book is called “Bellas Magical Closet” and will be released in January! I am in the process of writing a second for Tyler, and of course there will be one for my little girl on the way. I have no expectations of being on a best seller list, I just dream of all my kids having a book written by me about them to read to their children one day. Of course, about fashion!!!

2. With a busy toddler running around and expecting a little one shortly, how do you manage to stay “on point” in terms of your everyday look? Any quick tips to help us busy moms looks our best with hardly any time to ourselves?

Like every other working mom in this word there are absolutely mornings I look down and am just thankful I have the same shoes on! Things can sometimes get crazy! My one big tip that I give to all my friends that are new moms is to think about what you want to wear the night before! Much like we do with our kids, plan out your outfit. Once the kiddos are asleep pull the outfit from your closet and make sure its pressed and ready to go. It saves a ton of time in the morning. I have to say as I am getting bigger comfy clothing this fall is amazing! Oversize sweaters and leggings have been my go-to this fall! I love a killer pair of flat over the knee boot, it can take any “average” look to the next level in a heart beat!

3. We LOVE seeing photos of Tyler in Heart n Soul’s clothing! What brought you to our site? Which are some of your favorite pieces for him?

I have a very severe addiction to shopping for Tyler, I am constantly on my phone looking up new and exciting brands. I have to say I was introduced to Nununu brand by one of my celebrity clients. It was all she dressed her son in. I was looking up their clothing one afternoon and came across HeartnSoul. I was SO EXCITED because it was all of my favorite brands for him in one place! SO comfortable, cozy and super chic. I don’t think Tyler has ever worn a piece of piece of clothing from your website that people did not comment on! One of my favorites would be his Johnny Cash shirt…its an absolute favorite! I love shopping for others but there is something about shopping for your kids and finding the cutest clothing ever that makes me smile in a way a client just cant make happen!

4. Now that you are expecting a little girl, what will be your first purchase for her on Heart n’ Soul? (we have to know!) 

Oh my goodness, there is SO much to choose from!! I did find myself checking out the girls selection last week when I was ordering his sweats! I am a huge fan of Rags to Raches and Huxbaby. Tyler wore a ton of their onesies when he was a baby so I would have to say those! We are moving over the holiday season so I am waiting to go crazy doing her closet until we are settled in the new house, but its going to be amazing!

5. What are your top 5 fashion essentials when it comes to dressing your kiddos?

I am NOT a “matchy match” mom. I feel like part of being a kid is having fun with color and accessories. I LOVE putting Tyler in a bow tie! He thinks its hilarious, even to the grocery store! I love having them wear all different fun colors and expressing themselves! Red pants, green top, yellow shoes, who cares! Its makes them giggle and that’s all that matters! I love trench coats, something about them for children I think is hilarious and fun. I love finding the clothing that is not seen everyday, which is probably why I love Heart n Soul, it makes my kids stand out and be a little different which I love!

Check out these adorable shots of Jeni and her rockstar babe Tyler. Pssst, he is even rocking some sick threads from Heart N Soul Kids.






You can check out Jeni’s website for all things celebrity, fashion, and of course her beautiful children!






It's already that time of year, when you have to make your list and check it twice. We'd like to give you a head start with some rockin' gift ideas for the little trendsetters on your list. Together with some of the trendiest mom's in the city we have assembled some amazing holiday gift ideas. Everything from accessories to funky zip ups and some cool little stocking stuffers, we've got that unique find the babes in your life will go crazy for (or at least their mama's will!) Stay tuned for some awesome offers and give aways as the holidays unfold.


Thanks Montreal!


Last week we packed up and shipped out all our inventory to Montreal and held our first ever Friends & Family Exclusive Sale. The event was by appointment only and it proved to be a huge success. We are so thrilled with the out pouring of love from all our new friends in Montreal. Thank you so much for having us and for all the love and support. The photos of our happy shoppers have been rolling in. . .keep them coming. #heartnsoulkids


We can't wait till next time, we had a blast and look forward to seeing you all again soon!!


Thanks xo

Wild Child!




Take a walk on the wild side. . . 
with the season’s hottest trend of bold animal-printed clothing for your tiny trendsetters! From Popupshop’s bold gorilla and tiger rompers and leggings to cool panda hoodies and sweats, these funky fashions are the perfect pieces that’ll make your tot’s wardrobe roar.   



 Wild-Child themed brands to look out for: Popupshop, Huxbaby, & Moi

Sitting down with Aviva Drescher

Many of you may know her as one of the stars from the hit Bravo series, The Real Housewives of New York City, but we got to sit down with the down-to-earth Manhattan-born, Aviva Drescher to talk about motherhood and her love of children’s fashion!  Check out our Q&A below!



As a mom to four beautiful children, Harrison, 14, Veronica, 13, Hudson, 8, and Sienna, 5, you sure have your hands full! Any tips to give to our mom readers on how to juggle it all?


Please keep in mind that I don't juggle it ALL so smoothly! I mess up all the time! With that said, I try not be too hard on myself which is my first rule on " juggling it all".   I do try to stay organized, write everything down and get enough sleep so I can give my best to my children.  Consistent bedtimes I find helpful and I don't like to overschedule the children with after school classes and play dates. Harmony in the home is really important to me so I don't sweat the small stuff and my priority is just to love them as much as I can!


Given your background as a socialite and star on the Real Housewives of New York City, do you feel pressure to dress your kids fashionably at all times?


I don't feel pressure but I do love to dress my children up! They also have their own styles and likes and fashion sense so we all have a lot of fun with clothing! When they were very little I would favor classic European clothing and as they got older we got more into current fashion.




What’s your biggest pet peeve about how some parents dress their kids?


As children get older, they are going to dress themselves as THEY choose.  Knowing this, dress your little ones as YOU want because soon enough you will not have that luxury! I don't love it when babies/toddlers are dressed in a trendy style.  I prefer classic looks for little ones!


With Halloween around the corner, what will your kiddos be dressing up as? 


My 14 and 8-year-old boys want to dress up as Donald Trump! My 5 year old daughter wants to wear a wig no matter what but we don't have a theme yet ....Not sure about my 13 year old daughter yet!


What are your top 3 favorite items on Heart N' Soul Kids?







Go spooky in style.


Whether it's princesses or super heros we want you stepping out with a costume that's a little bit more, well, stylish.  Playing dress up begins at age 2 and never really ends. So we are here to help you start, from aquatic-style sleep sacks and princess tutus to kitten-ear and superhero beanies and masks, we will have your tiny monsters 'trick or treating' in style. You could go the more traditional route, but let's be honest, when it comes time to take their halloween selfie, your little babes deserve to stand apart from all the others. 

For a limited time, shop the Halloween Boutique all at 10% OFF.




When it comes to kid’s clothing, it’s important to make your dollar stretch as far as it will go, especially with your little ones growing so quickly. Therefore, we have decided to launch Heart n Soul’s “Mix n Match Monday’s,” to give you some quick and easy tips on how to maximize your tot’s wardrobe. 

Check out these super adorable girls’ looks that can work in three completely different ways for three separate occasions! From a cute party dress to pairing it up with leggings, for a more casual style, or even throwing on a denim shirt for a brisk fall day, your princess will look her best no matter what the occasion is! 

Get these 5 items and 3 looks for only $180! Limited time offer!

From the classroom, to the playground or even a special event, your little rockstar can mix n match these pieces to have three completely new looks! There’s nothing like a little accessorizing to make an outfit look entirely different! 

Get these 4 items and 3 looks for only $164! Limited time offer! 



Welcome to the Heart N' Soul Kids blog! Here you will find the latest tips and trends on children’s fashion, as well as exclusive promotions and offers on the hottest brands for your tots!


Last month, we held an exciting casting call, offering a chance for your kiddos to be featured in our Fall/Winter photoshoot. After hundreds of entries, we chose 9 adorable winners who got to spend the day behind the cameras all dolled up in this season’s hottest swag! Congratulations to Bella, Logan, Phoenix, Isabella, Liam, Elle, Julia, Sebastian and Isaiah! You all did an incredible job! 



Behind the scenes of the photoshoot, we chose 3 stylish mamas to pick their top fall items on Heart N' Soul. Check out our Q&A for the scoop on their style tips and fashion faux-pas. 


Kelli Blum, Mom to Jacob, 14 months

At 14 months old, your toddler is officially on the move!  What are your top 3 wardrobe essentials for your babe at this age?

“Jacob’s wardrobe is made up of stylish yet comfortable clothing. You’ll usually find him in a pair of drop crotch sweats, a comfy tshiirt and a jean shirt to go over. Oh, and of course a cool pair of shoes to match!”




Aimee Geroux, Mom to, Abigail, 13, Hailee, 10 and Bella, 20 months. 

With two older daughters, they must be extremely vocal when it comes to what they want to wear! Do you let them make their own wardrobe choices when it comes to getting dressed in the morning? That struggle is very real for many moms! How do you handle it?

“Oh the struggle is definitely real and probably why I enjoy Bella right now not talking much! I get to pick out everything I think is totally kick-ass and she wears whatever I throw on her! 

My older two girls definitely choose what they wear each day, I don’t really have much say. With that said, I think I have instilled a great sense of fashion in each of my girls although very different. Abigail is more relaxed and laid back in her fashion where Hailee is much more girly and loves to dress up. They both get their style from me as I enjoy lounging in some cool baggy tracks with a hip boy style tank and a pair of canvas flats just as much as I enjoy throwing on a pair of skintight faux leather pants with a hot bright dress top and some heels.

When shopping for my older two they definitely have input in what we buy and I allow them to explore their sense of fashion. I think kids need to express themselves through all sorts of avenues including their clothing. I mean, as long as they aren’t throwing on dirty or worn out clothes is it worth a meltdown if they want to wear floral print with tribal print?” 




Jennifer Bellantonio, Mom to Joey, 4 

A school-aged toddler seems to be in the prime of his social game with all the birthday party invitations being sent his way! What’s Joey’s go-to style for these special occasions? 

“Joey's an active 4 year old who gets lots of party invitations sent his way. Joey’s style is most definitely funky with an urban edge, however, with an active 4 year old, his clothing must be comfortable. Joey’s absolute go-to outfit for any party or occasion is the omamimini black zip up sweatshirt (link that look), paired with a vest or winter jacket, a pair of Noppies, slim sweatpants jeans and any cute graphic tee (Moi night blue T-birdy).”





We hope you've enjoyed out first of many posts for our new blog. Stay tuned for more helpful tips, tricks and trends for your tiny trendsetters!


Lori & Rachelle