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Up Close & Personal with our fav Celebrity Stylist


Celebrity Stylist to Fashionable Mom!


Behind every “IT” girl in Hollywood, is a talented stylist that makes “IT” happen! That’s Jeni. From picking out the hottest red carpet dresses for celebs like Paris Hilton and Carrie Underwood to being a contributor for Vogue, Glamour, The New York Times, and the lead stylist on FOX’s hit talk show “The Real”, Jeni is also a hip mom of a beautiful two year old boy named Tyler and expecting a little princess this coming May! Jeni is in the process of releasing a children’s fashion book, and we just had to ask her about it! With Jeni’s amazing sense of style and love for children, we knew we had to pin down this mama to get the inside scoop!


1. Tell us about this “Children’s Fashion Book.” What inspired you to write this? What can we expect from it?

Writing a childrens book was always something that was on my bucket list. When I was pregnant with my son in my last month I spent a ton of time on my back and I thought what a great time. I have a 5yr old step daughter Isobella who I just LOVE dressing and stocking her closet. She was absolutely my inspiration and countless mornings we spend playing with clothes and deciding what to wear. The book is called “Bellas Magical Closet” and will be released in January! I am in the process of writing a second for Tyler, and of course there will be one for my little girl on the way. I have no expectations of being on a best seller list, I just dream of all my kids having a book written by me about them to read to their children one day. Of course, about fashion!!!

2. With a busy toddler running around and expecting a little one shortly, how do you manage to stay “on point” in terms of your everyday look? Any quick tips to help us busy moms looks our best with hardly any time to ourselves?

Like every other working mom in this word there are absolutely mornings I look down and am just thankful I have the same shoes on! Things can sometimes get crazy! My one big tip that I give to all my friends that are new moms is to think about what you want to wear the night before! Much like we do with our kids, plan out your outfit. Once the kiddos are asleep pull the outfit from your closet and make sure its pressed and ready to go. It saves a ton of time in the morning. I have to say as I am getting bigger comfy clothing this fall is amazing! Oversize sweaters and leggings have been my go-to this fall! I love a killer pair of flat over the knee boot, it can take any “average” look to the next level in a heart beat!

3. We LOVE seeing photos of Tyler in Heart n Soul’s clothing! What brought you to our site? Which are some of your favorite pieces for him?

I have a very severe addiction to shopping for Tyler, I am constantly on my phone looking up new and exciting brands. I have to say I was introduced to Nununu brand by one of my celebrity clients. It was all she dressed her son in. I was looking up their clothing one afternoon and came across HeartnSoul. I was SO EXCITED because it was all of my favorite brands for him in one place! SO comfortable, cozy and super chic. I don’t think Tyler has ever worn a piece of piece of clothing from your website that people did not comment on! One of my favorites would be his Johnny Cash shirt…its an absolute favorite! I love shopping for others but there is something about shopping for your kids and finding the cutest clothing ever that makes me smile in a way a client just cant make happen!

4. Now that you are expecting a little girl, what will be your first purchase for her on Heart n’ Soul? (we have to know!) 

Oh my goodness, there is SO much to choose from!! I did find myself checking out the girls selection last week when I was ordering his sweats! I am a huge fan of Rags to Raches and Huxbaby. Tyler wore a ton of their onesies when he was a baby so I would have to say those! We are moving over the holiday season so I am waiting to go crazy doing her closet until we are settled in the new house, but its going to be amazing!

5. What are your top 5 fashion essentials when it comes to dressing your kiddos?

I am NOT a “matchy match” mom. I feel like part of being a kid is having fun with color and accessories. I LOVE putting Tyler in a bow tie! He thinks its hilarious, even to the grocery store! I love having them wear all different fun colors and expressing themselves! Red pants, green top, yellow shoes, who cares! Its makes them giggle and that’s all that matters! I love trench coats, something about them for children I think is hilarious and fun. I love finding the clothing that is not seen everyday, which is probably why I love Heart n Soul, it makes my kids stand out and be a little different which I love!

Check out these adorable shots of Jeni and her rockstar babe Tyler. Pssst, he is even rocking some sick threads from Heart N Soul Kids.






You can check out Jeni’s website for all things celebrity, fashion, and of course her beautiful children!






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