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After months of phone calls and meetings, we are thrilled to be able to bring you a brand that we feel very passionate about. molo. 

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, molo is one of the worlds leaders in children's fashion. Molo’s journey sprang out of curiosity and a drive to radically change the existing children’s fashion world. Molo isn’t a big design factory that treats children’s clothing as a secondary line. For molo, kids come first, and their clothing reflects this passion. They believe that children’s clothing has to be designed on children’s terms so they can express their creativity and personality through their clothes. Molo believes in clothing designed for real life, not just special occasions. Children need clothing that allows them to move freely, express themselves openly and fearlessly explore a world of delightful possibilities - not clothing that restricts their movements.

We love this brand so much that we wanted to be able to give you a bit of insight into what molo is all about. So, we sat down with the brands International Sale Manager, Rhiannon Bradford, for a one on one about working with molo and children’s fashion.



Rhiannon Bradford | molo International Sale Manager


1.      Where do you call home?

I’m currently between New York and London, but I’m spending most of my time in New York and is pretty much my home now.


2.      How did you get into children's fashion?

I did a fashion business/management degree at University and in my second year, I got some work experience through a friend at a childrenswear showroom. I never anticipated going in to kids when I set out in fashion, but I absolutely love it!


3.      How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I live in skinny jeans, nike trainers and a basic/easy top. I like to dress quite casual and comfy, but I like adding an additional pop with jewellery, for example I have a brooch on my wool coat right now, which I get a lot of compliments on.


4.      How long have you been with Molo?

6 & 1/2 years. 


5.      Tell us a bit about the brand. What makes it unique?

molo is unique in many ways. However first and foremost, it’s for all over prints, which are designed in house. No one else does prints like we do and I always get excited each season to see what the designers have created. 

6.      What retailers make a good fit for the Molo brand. How do you determine this?

It’s very difficult and every retailer is unique and different in their own way. But for me, it’s just ensuring the molo branding is preserved and the store has the right brand mix and price points, so we’re not sitting in a corner on our own. 

7.      Can you tell us a bit about the spring/summer collection?

In molo’s spring/summer collection we will be travelling through 1980's sci-fi, the nineties seapunk, Africa’s wild safari and sunny LA in one time. The collection takes you on a journey through raw reflectors, iconic light swords, flowered neoprene jackets, tracksuits, savanna prints, easy French and clean sportswear, fine cotton terry and light fabrics topped with a chilled LA vibe. As always molo is heavy on the charm designed with a glimpse in the eye and with lots of surprising details. 

8.      What are the trends for spring/summer in children's fashion?

I think that the trends are very much suited to kids needs as you're allowed to be bold and mix and match in surprising ways. Prints in every kind of look and with different techniques are out there. You can even dress in a complete outfit with print and this is very much in sync with molo and our DNA.  


9.      What makes Molo clothing so special?

molo uses incredible fabric and we are known for our high quality, which is still apparent after washing. So you really get your money’s worth and cost per wear if you will. I’m 100% stealing all my nephews clothes back if I have kids in the future!


10.  What do you think about the current trends in children's fashion? Any that you can't  stand?

Being English, I’m struggling to get my head around the ‘general American fashion’ for kids that is very ‘twee’, pink/blue, ruffles and such. However I love to see that European brands are becoming increasingly popular out here and anything that has a bit of humour or a unique design has my vote!

11.   What is your favourite piece from the current line? Any all time favourites?

That’s hard being such a huge collection, but I love the real leather ‘Halvor’ jacket, it’s insanely cool with incredible detail! Then there’s a very ‘sports luxe’ woven two piece in a black floral print, that I really wanted for myself if I could get in to it. 
The best thing about molo’s unique prints is that we do find that people have favourites from past collections that they really remember. For our 10th anniversary, we actually brought three prints back in to production, as voted by the consumer, all of which are before my time, which shows how much people hold on to our prints. 
One of my all time favourites was a daisy print we did back for SS10, which was also my first season.


12.  What are the best sellers?

For girls, without a doubt it’s our dresses and printed leggings. For boys, our ‘Ashton’ sweat pant sells like crazy every season and teamed with a printed (all over or digital placement), the look is completed. 

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We'd like to thank Rhiannon for her time but more importanlty for giving us a glimps into her life with Molo.