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Established in 2003 Rowdy Sprout brings nostalgia to parents abound by offering classic rocker tees to the little ones of our world. These hip and funky styles are offered to children anywhere from recently sprouted (3 months) to wordy back talkers (12 years)! Every shirt created has the utmost approval of quality and practicality while being manufactured and silk-screened by local Los Angeles companies. Each garment is intricately woven with the finest softest blends available and is made in the USA without the use of sweatshops. It is a given that these shirts can be rocked out many a times between each little stage diver and pre-Jagger.

We adore this brand and it's owner and wanted to give you a little insight into the Rowdy Sprout culture and style. We were fortunate enough to grab a tiny bit of time from owner/designer Laura Angotti and we asked her a few questions to help us understand this amazing brand a little bit better, so here you go. . .



1. Where do you call home? 

Malibu, CA / up against the mountains but only 15 min from my warehouse. 


2. How did you get into children’s fashion?

Accidentally. I was living in Brooklyn, NY working in art museums. Did costume design and always made myself funky clothes. One of the women I worked with was opening a store in Williamsburg which back then was unheard of. She asked me to make some funky stuff. I was not into the classic pink and blue baby stuff so decided to make some “rock n roll” tees for kids. This is before trunk, before junk food, just seemed like a funny idea. So I bought some tees, ripped them up, sewed, cut, made em funky. Then did iron on transfers of bands! To my surprise, 2 weeks later she called and said “ I think you might be onto something…” That was the start of Rowdy Sprout 


3. How would you describe your personal fashion style? 

Hippy, skater, lazy, comfy, and truly depends on what day you spot me! haha. I’m not a “fashion” girl. Don’t care about brand names. I shop at the local surf shop mostly. 


4. What’s the one habit you have that changed your life for the better? 

Hmmmm. Is it ok to say I’m still trying to find one of those good habits??!! 


5. When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer? 

I wanted to be a costume designer, this just sort of happened.


6. If Rowdy Sprout could have a celebrity spokes model who would it be? 

Haha, oh man. I work with celebrities in costume design so I’m not as wowed about them as I maybe used to be. But how about something ridiculous like Sean Penn. Hung out with him at a party once… he just oozes cool. Amazing!


7. If you could talk to your ten year-old self, what would you like her to know? 

Don’t worry about your buck teeth, your frizzy hair, and what you will be when you grow up… it will all work itself out. Just keep moving forward, keep learning, and keep having fun. All the self doubt is just self sabotage. You’ll be fine I promise! 


 8. How long have you been designing for Rowdy Sprout? 

Since 1999.


9. Tell us a bit about the brand. What makes it unique? 

Honestly I feel like what started as a unique idea was then either copied or just part of what became cool and other companies such as trunk and junk food with bigger wallets started making kids rocker tees. Hell, you can buy them at target now (not nearly as nice or cool.) For years I thought Rowdy would only last so long and I’d be swept under by the big dogs. But guess who the last man standing is? Me…crazy. Trunk doesn’t do kids, junk food does very little rock stuff. So I guess me being an underdog, taking the time to design each tee myself, making all the license deals myself, and just keeping it small and down to earth has made us very unique.


10. Is it difficult to get a license for a rock band? Do you ever get to meet them? 

Never get to work with the artists sadly. License companies are hired to handle the merch. Yes its very difficult. The more clout I have the easier it gets but I was basically begging the first 10 years. 


11. Can you tell us a bit about the spring/summer collection? 

Spring and summer girls is 100% a product of me having my own daughter. She changed everything. I really only used to worry about the boy, girl was just a side show. Now the girl styles are selling as much as the boys! SO fun, so colorful. Boys I tried to bring in some new simpler styles which I really love! 

12. What are the trends for spring/summer in children’s fashion? 

You are asking the wrong chick, haha. I seriously just do what I like and try not to look at the forecasts or worry about what everyone else is doing. Then your stuff just looks like everyone else which seems kinda silly.


13. What is your favourite piece from the current line? Any all time favorites? 

David Bowie short sleeve varsity tee, acdc muscle tee, and the girls Janis fringe top.


15. What are the best sellers? 

Those fringe tops just don’t stop selling, wild! And David Bowie has been selling so much since he passed :(


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We'd like to thank Laura Angotti and the Rowdy Sprout family for taking the time to sit down with us to give you all a little bit of insight.